Friday, April 12, 2013

Article #240 Overcoming Hopelessness

            Everyday you associate with someone who could use some encouragement to overcome hopelessness. Perhaps it’s someone quite close to you: a spouse, grandchild or neighbor. It’s important to reach out with love, support and a listening ear. Not condemning, but trying to understand that person’s viewpoint. Without hope for a better day or overcoming a particular trial, be it health issues, depression or old age concerns, life can look bleak.
            Retirement years can offer the opportunity to reach out with love and understanding to those especially in care centers or struggling with their last days in hospice or fighting cancer. There is no lack of people to bless with your friendship and time. Even an email across the miles can touch hearts.
            Interestingly enough, as you reach out to others suffering from loneliness, loss of a loved one or other trials, your own life is enriched. There are many needs to be met with just a dose of friendship or a few minutes of focused listening. The return or payback is unlimited. You will feel more hope in your own life.
            Grandchildren have a way or restoring hope as do cherished pets. The unconditional love they express so freely is an example to emulate in your life. Not judging or condemning, loving regardless of personality quirks or misdeeds. All religions teach charity: to love and serve each other regardless of race, gender or other traits, reaching out to lift the poor and needy. The new Pope Francis of the Catholic Church is certainly a great example to all of us regardless of our religious persuasion. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is still a GOLDEN RULE to follow in life.
            Having just had a visit from my youngest grandchildren, I can still feel the trust and love that came while holding the small hands of my three year old grand daughter. 

Grandchild of Mine

Your tiny hand gently grasps
my wrinkled hand with trust,
gifts me with hope for continuing
our legacy of family love.

We are links in a chain. I came first
blazing a trail alone 
through difficult trials of faith
and stumbling blocks. 

One day, your hand will hold
a smaller hand tenderly. 
I will be gone, but the love
we share will be remembered. 

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