Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lots going on STILL...

I guess that's good, means I'm still alive and kicking. Spring is here with 80 degree weather and blossoms popping out as well as leaves. Several major projects are on the burners-reworking my rough draft of my book DISCOVER YOUR VOICE AFTER DIVORCE, some prizes and some rejections on poetry submissions- nothing new there. More tomorrow on that. Looking forward to a visit from Jeff and Rachel's family at Eastertime. Grandkids to play with and they are young almost one year Edmund the shy grandson who doesn't know me very well and three and a half year old Rory the grand daughter all healed from her broken leg last Thanksgiving. Life is good. I LOVE SPRINGTIME-a new birth of growth, energy and opportunities. How about you?


  1. Lin, I'm popping in to say hi...

    Very happy to know things are well in your world. We're looking forward to Spring, but we woke to snow this morning, so we have to dream about it a while yet.

    Wishing you a beautiful time with your family during the Easter season.


  2. I have begun to think about Easter too. I'll have my kids and grandkids here. Dry weather would be nice for our egg hunt.

  3. I've been too busy lately that it's been hard to get things done, much less keep up with blogging. I've got trips scheduled too so life keeps on going.