Saturday, March 16, 2013

Article #236 Simplify

             Does life seem too complex at times for you: daily pressures and TO DO lists out of control? Maybe you need to consider SIMPLIFYING your life. Looking at your priorities in terms of how you are spending your time can be enlightening. It’s important to do this DAILY, not just for New Year’s resolutions. If my number one priority is my PHYSICAL HEALTH then I need to plan for that in my daily schedule and not work it in around other items that don’t have as high a priority. Having fewer items on my TO DO list could also help. Learning to say NO and not caving in to please someone else at my own expense is necessary.
            The key to enjoying life is doing less and enjoying it more. I find if I have too many major activities in one day, I will run out of energy before I complete them all. The necessities take lots of time: personal hygiene, housekeeping, cooking, cleaning, etc. All this needs to be organized efficiently with others in your household (spouse, kids or roomies) helping out as possible. (Synergy!) A routine or schedule is helpful. Then carving out some ME TIME early in the day for journaling, exercise, meditation or prayer is necessary, NOT a luxury. Just like your car can’t run on empty, neither can you. Yet it’s easy to spend too much time doing just that. Pushing on through impossible TO DO lists, taking on too many projects when saying NO would have been more appropriate. Rescuing others at your own expense or downfall is just plain DUMB.
            For many individuals the only relief is to have the flu or some serious illness that FORCES you to SLOW DOWN. Being an intelligent person, you should be able to figure out how to organize your life and SIMPLIFY what there is to do. Put most important things first like SELF-CARE, then work other necessities in around that. Schedule time for recreation or fun with loved ones, connecting time and filling your well time is important. Having ORDER helps you to simplify. Keeping a calendar nearby to check before you add another responsibility to your life is MANDATORY.
            The OPPOSITE of simplicity is complexity or difficulty. Simplicity can bring ease, straightforwardness and effortlessness. Don’t you want to live your life that way, even if the rest of the world doesn’t? NEXT TIME: Lost Skills. 


  1. I'm working on simplifying my life, but I've got a ways to go.

  2. I hear you on this. If only middle managers and their ilk would heed this advice and understand the whole point of how less is more.