Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Last day of the year to accomplish whatever it was you resolved to do last year. I can't remember so guess I'll have to look on my blog post for Jan 1, 2013.

1. Keep my well filled
2. Reach out to others
3. Act don't react, etc.

Well, that sounds good for this year too plus I'll add focus on losing weight and getting in better physical condition. Also have more fun and worry less?

Monday, December 30, 2013

Article #275 Tell Your Story

             I have now written 275 columns for the Senior Sampler over the past 5½ years. Am I rich yet? Well, there is no compensation for us columnists other than compliments (and sometimes criticisms) of what we write. So, why do I continue to write? TO FIND MY VOICE and help YOU find your voice through words. It’s that simple. I love to teach classes on how to Write Your Life Story. When I see a student from my class months or years later, I’ve found that few have continued or finished this important project. So, I’m taking a new direction with this column for the NEW YEAR and will encourage each of you to write about an experience from your life or someone in your family that you’d like to share with others in our community.

The first topic is Remembering My Grandparents. Write down a special memory of one of your grandparents in 200 words or less, then email it to me or mail to ...St. George UT 84790 (or leave in a comment below for my blogging friends.) I’ll pick one-two entries to publish in my column weekly. Please attach to your story…I give permission for Lin Floyd to publish my story and your name. No fiction please. Everyone has something unique about their family to share. It’s time for YOU to participate in this column and get a start on writing your own life story.

Your short stories or vignettes can one day be printed out, then add some photos to give to your family to remember you after you’ve gone to the happy hunting grounds. There is value in capturing your story in words. You’ll learn more about yourself. Each individual who is born on earth is unique. Even identical twins have different personalities and ways of looking at the same world. Writing’s a way to share any wisdom or insights you’ve gained with others.

Too many of us are looking at the NEW YEAR with a long list of procrastinated resolutions we didn’t accomplish last year because we don’t give ourselves a DEADLINEthe time by which something must be done or completed (Encarta® World English Dictionary).  Your deadline now is to write something down WEEKLY after you read my column, then send it in to me to consider publishing. If you write something even daily, soon you’ll have a collection of stories about your life and family.  No excuses, just do it! NEXT TIME:  Remembering My Grandparents

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day Trip

Pine Valley mountains and sagebrush, it's 50 degrees today
Very photographic
Fun goblins to explore
Sand Hollow Resort Golf Course
Reservoir and Cedar Mountains in far background
Sand Hollow reservoir is about 15 miles from us
More sand dunes to explore...
Sand dunes and Pine Valley mountains in the distance
Tasty enchiladas and a chimichanga!
Perfect ending to a fun day trip, our favorite Mexican restaurant!
Drive by another reservoir Quail Lake

Saturday, December 28, 2013


 She's growing up fast...click to enlarge...

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas visitors

My son Daniel, dg-in-law Tina and four of my grandchildren came to stay overnight on Christmas day. Then they left for 10 days of doing a humanitarian service project in Puerto Penasco in Mexico on the Gulf of California, building a home for a family there. We enjoyed Christmas ham dinner, then everyone had homework or art projects to work on while the boys played an old game of Tiddly Winks. Too soon it was time to load up in a borrowed truck with a trailer full of building materials to head for old Mexico. They'll stop by on their way back.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas poem-THE GIFT

THE GIFT by Lin Floyd

Sitting patiently in the darkness
on a small donkey, Mary waits
as Joseph searches for lodging.
It has been a long weary journey.

Crowded with harried taxpayers
returning to their home villages
to pay tribute to Roman rulers,
there is no room in the inn.

Soon the expectant mother will
deliver. Her husband finds
a humble stable in Bethlehem
for the Son of God to be born.

The King comes quietly…a baby
wrapped in swaddling clothes 
lying in a manager surrounded
by simple barnyard creatures.

The new mother lovingly gazes
into the eyes of her first born.
He is precious and sweet, yet
radiant. Soon visitors will arrive.

Shepherds herding sheep nearby
hear the angelic announcements:
Good tidings of great joy, for there
is born to you…a Savior who is Christ.

Wise men will follow the bright star
bringing gifts to the newborn babe
prophesized in ancient scriptures
to come and save His chosen people. 

A birth so common yet uncommon,
it will change human history forever.
A son born to a virgin mother Mary,
raised in humble circumstances on earth.

He will labor for three short years,
preaching, healing, baptizing then
sacrificing His life for man’s sins.
A gift from God to all mankind.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Early Christmas present

Santa has been busy buying presents for Mrs. Claus...
Notice my bulky monitor-an old extra monitor of Daniel's
Clearing off my desk to make room for a NEW monitor!
So much easier to see and do my computer work now!

Monday, December 23, 2013

Article #274 Inner Scars

              A friend of mine wrote a blog recently about physical scars that we all carry that are the result of an earlier injury or operation. They are a reminder of some trauma that happened to our physical body. I got to thinking about the INNER SCARS we all have that don’t show up as easily, but are visible through our outward behavior and body language. Unfortunately inner wounds don’t heal as easily as many physical scars do.
Skin cancer surgery left a long scar on a family member’s face recently where about 15 stitches were required to close the wound properly. Without this procedure, the cancer would have grown larger and more invasive. As time passes, the wound is healing and hardly visible any more. Is this true of inner wounds that we all have whether from our own misbehaviors or interactions with others?
            It’s impossible to get through life without some emotional trauma, heartbreak or disappointment whether it’s a rebellious child, marriage problems, being single, childless or loss of job. Others seem to have perfect life until you get to know them well enough, then they will reveal their personal disappointments. The newspapers and TV are full of these events daily. Some so traumatic that you wonder how people survive. The human spirit is quite resilient and can heal with time and loving support from others. Perhaps that’s the silver lining in all the hurricanes, floods, and natural disasters that take place. You see the kindness and caring for others that is manifested by the loving service given to survivors to start over and repair the damages. Perhaps that’s part of the plan for this earthly experience, to assist others and our selves in healing, continuing on. Are there inner scars you have that haven’t healed?
            From teaching classes on writing your life story, I’ve found that capturing in your journal or biography the lessons learned from each trauma in your life is therapeutic. It’s a gift that comes from enduring and overcoming whatever your challenge is or was. Not getting stuck in regrets but becoming an observer looking back at what happened from the viewpoint of maturity and time that has past. Events at the time that were earth shattering can sometimes become family stories than bind and bring humor to the challenge of growing up together. NEXT TIME: Tell Your Story.

Friday, December 20, 2013

A day with the Floyds

Community center with winter sun trying to melt the snow
Seated Arthritis class uses hand weights
A great but gentle exercise class taught by an 81 year old teacher
Hubby Allen doing final sanding and explaining to visitors
We are going to be featured in a Sunriver Magazine-
me for writing and Allen for his boat building

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A day of PLAYING

Caryn eating some breakfast before we are off for the day.
Santa decorations are fun at Caryn's
Any one need a nutcracker?
Santa Claus is coming to town
Santa's are everywhere
Santa Claus nutcracker

Father Christmas
Off for some Christmas shopping
You have to smell the scented candles
Lunchtime, my favorite part of any outing
Fun dog metal sculpture

Monday, December 16, 2013

Article #273 Change Begins with YOU

             It seems to be human nature to point out the faults of others, whether it’s elected officials, family or friends. Ignoring your own faults rather than changing them seems easier as you criticize others. Family seems to be the main laboratory where you can learn how to bully, and undermine others. Never realizing that it can also be a place of positive change: learning kindness, love and forgiving because of our intimate daily interactions.
Courtesy can go a long way in making the pathway easier for you and those around you. Giving others the benefit of a doubt, trusting in their innate goodness, wanting to make every conflict a win/win for all involved goes a long way in making your own life happier. Marriage offers a real test of this theory or idea. Treating your spouse as you’d like to be treated rather than as you perceive your spouse with all of his or her limitations is treating you. The Golden Rule still applies…do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Easier said than done, unfortunately.
            If you believe the purpose of earthlife is to improve yourself first, not the rest of mankind––take heart. It can be done. It’s actually easier to change yourself than others. Realize that criticisms and gossip affect more damage than good. Look for the positive in each person you meet. It’s there, but in some individuals it will take an effort to find it. As you change the way you interact with others, they will change indirectly.
            Try this experiment, the next time you feel a negative statement forming on your lips, decide to dispose properly of your trashy talk instead substitute a compliment. You’ll be amazed at the result, even if you only practice on yourself in your mind. When is the last time you remember giving yourself a compliment for an outstanding effort? We all need encouragement. As I’m sitting here in the wee hours of the morning trying to find something significant to write for my column, I realize that I care about each of my readers and the effect of my words on them. I’m also concerned about every individual in my family, friends and others I make contact with daily. You see I’m hoping one day to listen in at my funeral and hear…she always encouraged me. That will be my greatest accomplishment. NEXT TIME: Inner Scars

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dealing with WEATHER

For us desert dwellers, living with ice isn't nice.
We recall days now past, when snow was usual,
a part of winter to endure. Then we moved South
where it only snows once a year and then melts.

That is until this year when it snowed, then froze.
Temperatures near zero F were normal for days
bringing frozen pipes, icy sidewalks, snow and
more snow to shovel without any equipment.

After a week of this, we are complaining, though
our pipes are thawing and the temps are up past
freezing again. Weather is so fickle and not fun.
Soaring temps in summer vs. freezing in winter.

Whatever happened to refreshing Spring, colorful
Fall? They enter and leave the scene much too soon.
Now we can only remember the warmth that was
delightful and the coolness that was just right.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday JEFFREY

My youngest son Jeffrey is 31 years old in the prime of his life
happily married to his eternal companion Rachel who has borne
 two lovely children: Lorien age almost 4  and Edmund age 1 1/2.
Jeffrey is 13 years younger than his next brother Brook so he
almost raised as an only child. I'm proud of his many accomplishments
in his life which include his lovely family, graduating with an MBA,
serving an honorable mission for our church in Japan and continuing
to serve as a High Priest in his ward as he works in his chosen field.