Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter Decorations

I visited my friend Caryn again. She is always doing something 
creative and especially for the upcoming holidays.

 Cute bunny and daffodil at her front door greet you

Her latest idea dying eggs with old silk ties

An unboiled egg is wrapped in used pure silk ties with pattern inside

 Secured at both ends with a rubber band, then wrapped in an old sock
soaked and boiled in vinegar water for 15 minutes, the results are beautiful

The rust colored eggs were boiled in onion skins with tiny
flowers or leaves first tied around the egg with thread-unusual!

She has quite a collection of birds for her spring decor 
gathered from garage sales and thrift stores


  1. wow she's very talented. I love her creations.

  2. Oh my gosh..that is so clever and the results are beautiful..

  3. Very crafty!! I haven't dyed eggs in a very long time. They are beautiful with those patterns.

  4. I love the dyed eggs! Caryn has a wonderful sense of style.