Sunday, March 18, 2012

Article #190 Creativity

Everyone has the opportunity to live a more creative life. The dictionary defines creativity as making imaginative use of the limited resources available or using new ideas or things. Many think of this word as only related to artistic pursuits, but you can be a more creative cook, fisherman, homemaker, accountant, etc. It just takes thinking outside the box in whatever situation you find yourself. Life always presents new challenges and problems to solve that could use new creative solutions. If easy to get stuck in a rut but if your way of dealing with a challenge doesn’t help, try something NEW.

When presented with an obstacle, I like to brainstorm or list possible answers to solve my dilemma. Say it’s a grandkids visit. What are possible activities we could be involved in that would be enjoyable, educational and lead to closer family bonding? Watching video games doesn’t rank up there, but perhaps a visit to the local dinosaur museum or a hike up Anasazi Ridge to see petroglyphs or visiting some of the great museums in town would make memories of their time with grandma memorable. Just planning these activities won’t make them successful, but networking with their parents can help. Perhaps setting down some guidelines-no electronic gadgets for part of the day or during meals so we can actually talk and visit?

Why not involve the grandkids in the planning or invite them if they are old enough to come visit without their parents? Then setting about doing some fun activities that would be unique for them, perhaps making craft projects, going fishing or just talking one on one. What a unique or creative idea––just visiting.

It’s too easy to look at situations or conflicts with a negative attitude, such as well that problem isn’t solvable. With some creative exploration, it could be resolved if you communicate with the individuals involved with care and love. Try something new, change your viewpoint or paradigm. Sometime just an attitude change on your part is enough to open up other ideas to start flowing. See the situation from others’ viewpoints.

Life is a challenge, it’s true. No matter our age or situation. Grandparents or aunts and uncles can make time to truly listen and be an influence for good on their posterity as they try new creative ideas for communicating and solving problems more effectively.


  1. I have really made progress with my more centered approach to things. When I am tired and feeling more ill and get overwhelmed, I put myself in 'time out' and rest for a while and that has worked for me and most pre-schoolers too...Michelle

  2. I love the word 'creativity'... it always sets something tingly off inside me... at all the possibilities for creative endeavour!

    You, m'dear, are someone who knows how to find those opportunities and create something wonderful, memmorable, enjoyable from them!