Sunday, February 12, 2012

More Art Journaling

I'm discovering that I enjoy this process of creating and layering media with words. Caryn will be teaching another class... on Zentangle and Art Journaling at a local scrapbook store. Here's some more of her creations, so creative.

Multiple layers of colorful fancy napkins and other materials

Collage of colored patterned papers over a painted background

Lace and other patterns add to this page and a fun 1920s woman

Here's my attempts at art journaling below, before:

Mine-after adding several layers and some sparkle paint
then a clipart image and a poem I wrote-it's done, I think...

Click on photo to make it larger.


  1. adorable but way too much work for me at this moment.

  2. Oh my... I wanna go out and do this... right now!

    What creative ventures.......I love the Sing out Loud piece! So glad you and Caryn are having so much fun together!