Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Article #187 A Sense of Humor

As I wrote my grandpa Vernon’s life story, I was amused to discover he had kept a notebook of jokes copied from the Readers Digest. They were on different topics, but mostly about everyday situations like husband and wife relationships plus wise sayings about money, thrift and debt. Including these stories in his history showed another side of my grandpa, he enjoyed jokes about everyday normal events.

A sense of humor is an important trait to develop. The ability to not always take everything so seriously is useful and reduces stress in our daily lives. My husband has a dry sense of humor and loves to make little unexpected jokes using word plays or sayings from the past. It always surprises me and brings a laugh to otherwise boring days in my life. I enjoy reading the comics for the laughs they bring me and the little hidden gems of wisdom to be found in some strips including “Pickles” and “Peanuts.”

With a humorous outlook, it does open for you a view of life or situations in another light. An experience that seems to be the most terrible thing that every happened to you (pessimism) can be seen in a positive humorous light (optimism) from a distance. Becoming an observer of your life can bring the opportunity to laugh later at some embarrassing or difficult experiences that at the time seem like major disasters.

Now the trick is to be able to do this in the present moment. Here’s some examples from my life. Recalling my dating experiences from college which at the time were quite stressful, I’ve discovered the humor in the situations that I got myself into. i.e. Having as my first blind date ever my Jr. College Student body President. Then after dating him for a few months, discovering he was engaged. At the time this was traumatic but now makes for a humorous retelling of my courting days for my grandchildren. If we set out to see the humor in each daily experience, I predict we’ll be a lot happier today.


  1. Sometimes it's hard to find the humor in a situation, but if you step back from it it's often easier. Then if you wait for a time and reflect on it, you can laugh. I always look forward to the time I can laugh.

  2. A good sense of humor is a survival skill, to be sure!

  3. Stressful things can often be funny in retrospect. I love to laugh. And sing my own made up words to the tune of already known songs. Makes Flo laugh all the time!

  4. I used to have a sign on my deck..good humor makes all things tolerable