Saturday, February 11, 2012

Article #185 Finding YOU

I remember my oldest son asking me while I was raising my four sons and working full time as a single parent, How come you never dance anymore? I didn’t have time for ME! Now I’m too old to dance professionally any more, but I’ve found a new expression or voice in writing and poetry.

In our modern lives, there are many voices vying for our attention. Not the least of these is the media, whether it’s the television, Internet, movies or magazines, we are told what we should be…unbelievably young, slim, and active, driving a certain classy car and buying fulfillment for ourselves. No wonder many are lost and depressed with these not so subtle pressures. Trying to sort out YOUR own feelings and aspirations in the clamoring world of today, is demanding. Who do you listen to; what really is the truth? If you are a retired person, it’s doubly hard to try to compete with the youthful society we live in or to keep up with your family.

Finding your AUTHENTIC self or voice isn’t easy as you age until you can learn to distinguish between the world’s voice and your own. What is it you really want to accomplish with your life? What talents and abilities do you have that are undeveloped? What weaknesses could you make into strengths? These are all important questions to consider rather than how to how to compete with what your neighbor has. How do you quiet the pressures of the world and make time to discover YOU?

Journaling is a marvelous tool, if you’ll take time to simply write down some of your thoughts-it will clear your head. Writing your life story can do the same thing as you reflect back on what you’ve accomplished during your lifetime. Insights will come that can motivate you to go forward with the time you have left to live more creatively and find the fulfillment you deserve.

Comparing yourself with others is unfair and not helpful with this process of finding your voice. You are different than any other human being. Not only do you look different, but you are unique in your outlook and experiences. Even identical twins vary inside personality wise. A great resource for finding you or your voice is Stephen R. Covey’s book The Eighth Habit where he describes discovering your voice, then helping others to find theirs. Check it out. ( for images)


  1. there is a wonderful hymn in the Methodists' hymnbook called Lord of the least I think that's the title. The melody is famous and happy. The lyrics hold me over a lot. You oughta check it you have a Methodist church in your area? Go ask to see the hymnal. or here's one...but not as much as fun when I sing it:

    It's how I dance....

  2. I would love to take ballroom dance classes....but I would need to adapt it very much...

  3. You are a tower of strength. Thank you.

  4. As I have said before, reading your life thoughts help me to think better. You make a lot of sense.