Thursday, February 16, 2012

Architecture around town

We have been having rain, rain, Caryn and I spent yesterday driving around town looking for interesting architecture, mostly southwestern style.

Here's the local Catholic church

Classic mission style

I love the simplicity of this protestant chapel

Next is the eclectic home decor in the hills nearby

The color certainly shows up bright

I like all the textures: tiles, rock, blocks etc.

Just a humble little mansion with a drive through

Impressive entrance

Roof details of Caryn's condo


  1. enjoy the colors...would not want to live on the same street or area as that eclectic home.

    On another note...what's up with those 2 words I have to type in. If you are still OKing all the comments, you know you can skip the robot thing.

  2. such beautiful structures...lovely.

  3. Nice that you didn't let the rain stop you from getting out and enjoying the scenery...Hello Caryn

  4. Interesting and beautiful finds . I loved the sculptures of that eclectic house .