Monday, January 2, 2012


Three words for a new year's resolution ACT DON'T REACT...

I didn't rebel until I was 30-late bloomer
of maybe just growing up as an only child,
I still find myself trying to please everyone.

Not hurt anyone's feelings, but that's about impossible
I'm discovering the hard way...just trying to figure out
if others are happy with my behavior is draining.

So it's time to ACT and NOT JUST REACT.
Focus on doing my best and not take things personally.
At least my desk is clean for the New Year...


  1. My desk is clean for the new year, too. I wonder how long it will last???

  2. your desk looks like mine right now. At this moments I am cleaning it out, pitching out papersand old reciepts and organizing it well. I have been working on it since 10am this morning and it is now 12:30pm and I know I'll be here at least until 5pm.Pray for me...LOL!

  3. I do love a clean desk! I just sorted through mine and I'm back to scanning photos again. Sigh... endless.

  4. I hear you! That pleasing the world stuff will wear your batteries down in no time. Sometimes I flip it around and try to find who's worried about my bliss. That's my job; and their's belongs to them. God bless!

  5. Your desk looks clean and tidy . I cleaned my wardrobe ,office on 31st so as to start a clutterless the new year .

  6. Taking action, like cleaning your desk, can be invigorating! Stop worrying what other people are thinking. You've reached an age where you should just please yourself. If you're anything like me, that's hard enough.

  7. I agree with act don't is hard to the clean desktop