Thursday, January 12, 2012

Looking Back

One of my blogging friends made a post of all she had accomplished last year. It was a lot and made me think about my past year. What have I gained from another year here on earth? So I've decided to review my blog posts and summarize last Jan 2011-what was taking place to give me a focus for the blank new year ahead.
  • JAN 2011-Walking in the MUD, we had lots of rain. Wow some great thoughts there about forgiveness and change that I could use for an article next week for my Senior Sampler column. I'm writing about values this year. We had our first snow and lots of rain in Jan 2011. It's cold this year, but no snow yet.
  • Last year my proposal was accepted to speak at the Family History Expo locally-this year it wasn't. So I'll focus on something else. My Family Home Evening book had been rejected. I decided to look elsewhere for a publisher-still haven't found one, but have decided to just give away my books somehow. Marketing is difficult work.
  • Caryn was spending her first winter here as a SNOWBIRD and we were having fun. We're doing the same thing this year. HURRAH!
  • I taught a CREATIVE BLOGGING CLASS last year, this year I'll do it in May for the Camera Club. I'm STILL BLOGGING going on 4 years now.

  • Last January I was working on my VOICE of WOMEN poetry program when it got delayed and transposed into a different direction. This year I'm back doing the same program in Feb. with some new faces. How's that for persistence?
  • I'm taking the same challenge I took last year to read the Book of Mormon in 90 days. If anyone would like to join me, I'd be happy to send you a free book to read along with me and discover more about the Mormons and our beliefs or you can read it online.
  • Off to see our new airport last year. I'm thinking of perhaps flying to SLC next time instead of driving. One hour of travel vs. four to five hours of driving sounds inviting.


  1. Well, because of you I just went back and looked at my January 2011 posts. I need to get going! Last year I had a new iPod for walking and a new camera and I was a'goin' all of the time. I started on my campaign to get healthier and lose the pain. It's time to renew that enthusiasm. Thank you.

  2. wow..I am currently reviewing all my photos and posts for the past 5 years...interesting to see how the blog has changed and so have I...

  3. You've had a rich and wonderful year. The thing that strikes me about this list is that they reflect choices you have made, goodness you have chosen. What's possible when we use our gifts!

  4. I'm always amazed at all you get done, Lin!