Monday, January 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Daniel

I love my sons and the years spent raising them,
though I may joke about wanting five daughters
only to be surprised by four sons, each is precious and
has brought new experiences never to be forgotten.

Daniel was son #2 and very important as I didn't
want my first son to be an only child like I was.
Danny boy was a happy baby and a joy to have
as a young mother just starting life's journey.

A peacemaker from the beginning, he continues
to be the glue that keeps our family together:
the perfect host, creative cook, entertainer always
full of fun, laughs and love for family and all.

Concerned to be a good father to his four kids:
he teaches, disciplines and plays heartily with them.
A great example of faith, hard work and total
honesty, I salute my son Daniel on his 43rd birthday!


  1. HAPPY Birthday Daniel! It's great to hear of his role in the family. It seems we always revert to those roles whenever we're with family...

  2. I only had 2 boys, but I wouldn't trade them for the world. Now that my son has 2 girls, I realize having boys was a whole lot easier to raise. You were truly blessed with 4 boys...enjoy them and their off spring.

  3. Thanks! love your son Daniel

  4. What a lovely tribute. He sounds like a wonderful son and a wonderful man.

  5. Happy birthday to your son! What a great post.