Sunday, September 11, 2011

Terrorists and Vikings

Leif the Lucky who while banished from Iceland
and Norway would discover North America

Iceland was originally settled by Vikings who were early terrorists from Norway, Denmark and Sweden. They were greatly feared for their raids on Europe, Great Britain and islands of the Northern Atlantic-Fargoe and Shetlands. Using shallow draw boats they could sail or row on the rivers of Europe and suddenly attack nearby cities, raiding, killing and taking slaves. They eventually settled in Iceland and were converted to Christianity in 1000 AD. We all have ancestors who chose behavior that was not the best...

Replica of the home of Erik the Red-father of Leif the lucky

Hole in ceiling for light and for smoke to exit

Inside storage and many individuals lived together here

Further historical background
Our guide who had red hair and looked very authentic
but spoke English and knew his viking history well

Krista the tall makes a striking Viking in costume

David the Learned models a protective helmet for battle

Tools used for battle and making a dwelling

Individual sleeping compartments-quite small

That's Asta the Stern our leader by the cooking heating fire


  1. What great photos, Lin! I'm looking forward to returning to get a more careful look at your Iceland posts. It's been crazy at my house.

    Nothing more exciting than having unplanned for week-long guests after returning from a two-week long “vacation.”

    We're looking forward to our lives returning to some normalcy in about a week. Then we'll be planning for our trip to Chicago. Yikes!

  2. Nice post, Lin. I learned a lot here, thanks for sharing. I’m dropping by to say hello, hope you had a marvelous weekend. Have a good week!!

  3. Thanks for sharing these images. What these folks accomplished back then. It's amazing. (I wonder if, given the choice, they would have sat on the couch and eaten chips and watched the US Open!)

  4. I have seen one or two movies on vikings .The guide standing with you for a moment looked like a demonstration-viking model to me .lol .You are right about him being authentic .Loving your pictures and post .Keep them coming.

  5. I love all the wood! This was fun to look at and read....

  6. those were real 'he man' times..difficult for the women though