Monday, September 26, 2011

Finding SOLACE

Peace such an elusive quality to find in our crazy world
solitude filled with gratitude and connecting with God
can make all the difference, knowing WHY we are here
puts purpose in daily chaos and seeking for meaning
remembering the beauty of Iceland also helps

Farms in the countryside


  1. Your photos are beautiful as well as your words.

  2. That is an incredible landscape! Safe travels, Lin.

  3. i find that since i awake at 4:30am every morning, If i just get up and allow myself the quietude of the home, that my days are perfectly wonderful. Love the pix.

  4. Love the Iceland photos. Very beautiful and serene. A break from daily chaos, indeed.

  5. Such as beautiful! I absolutely love it..... this spread is amazing!

    Sample Letters

  6. the photos give me peace..i can almost smell the cool mist and feel it on my face.

  7. I have some photos that I have up that remind me to take a deep breathe and relax.