Saturday, September 24, 2011


Writing friends at League of Utah Writers Roundup conference

It's not easy as another school year starts,
new classes starting for me as a teacher,
how do I choose what to spend my time on?
I keep trying to remind myself of priorities.

What are they? Well I guess first on the list
is my own physical condition-exercise, diet
and then developing talents comes next:
writing, poetry, and newsletter editor again.

Photography another fun hobby to pursue

not to mention still writing weekly columns,
a daily blog and occasional morning pages.
I sometimes feel like a WRITING MACHINE,
but it keeps me quite healthy emotionally.

Letting it all out-negative emotions and
frustrations are to be examined and released
into the universe, family and friends need
contacting via facebook, emails and letters.

Twin grand daughters Heather and Emilee wearing Icelandic necklaces

Poems are waiting to be formed, and others
led to discover their VOICES and talents.
That's where I'm at right now plus trying
to sell some of my many books I've printed.


  1. Your ambition is admirable. I may have to rev up a notch or two and join you.

  2. Choosing the right opportunities... that's it for sure.

    And I think you've got a key for choosing wisely.

  3. Awesome. You inspire me to keep on, Lin. Thank you.