Monday, August 1, 2011

Welcome August

August is the last full month of hot summer days
with promises of fall soon filling the morning air
then cooler winds will come reminding us
of the constant changing of the seasons.
The last part of this month will find me traveling
to far away Iceland, home of some of my ancestors:
my great grandmother Oluf who came here with
her family after converting to the Mormon faith.
I will visit her village on the Westman Islands,
tour a beautiful countryside of glaciers and volcanos
See the visitas she knew and feel closer to her.
She was my mother's beloved grandmother.

Time to start planning and packing for the adventure
which of course has to include a new suitcase, and
I found just the perfect one for my flight over the pole
from Las Vegas to Reykjavik, Iceland in two more weeks.

I've been using my mom's smaller suitcase but realized a two week vacation in Iceland called for something bigger so I got this fun Reba 24 in. luggage with pockets for everything and wheels to roll it around on. I like the color because it's different and will show up among all the black ones at the baggage carousel.


Millie said...

ancor's away...have fun.

kavita said...

Nice piece of luggage !You are right ,too many black ones are too confusing at the airport .My mom ties thin red ribbons on their handles for the same reason.
Wish you a happy and successful August.

SandyCarlson said...

Your family history research takes you places! Your journeys are a great reminder we are all one big family.

Kay said...

I can't wait to see your photos from Iceland. That's where my son has been telling me we should go because he thinks the prices are more reasonable and hasn't become such a tourist mecca yet.

Rambling Woods said... Mother was there.. it is beautiful...