Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tribute to Vilborg Thordardottir

Time to recall your history, dear widowed 2nd ggrandmother of mine.
I’ve seen your photos, heard your life story from your granddaughter.
Now as I study your life and times, I’ve come to appreciate you more,
Leaving your homeland of Iceland because of religious persecution.

Daring to come to America, far across the ocean with a young family
Aided by your second husband Sigi who would be by your side always.
Coming to Zion in 1874 to the Rocky Mountains of the Utah territory
Settling among other Icelandic immigrants in Spanish Fork.

It was a struggle I’m sure, living in a dugout or with friends until
Land could be bought and a home built for your four children.
Hard working, God fearing, a courageous pioneer you were,
Dedicated to your family and your faith, you are remembered.

Life would not be easy for you as two of your children died in Utah:
Your youngest son William in an accident while horseback riding and
Then, your oldest daughter Gudrun giving birth to her seventh child.
You were there to help with the sorrow and carry on with living.

Later, your other daughter Oluf would be abandoned by her husband.
You would take over the care and raising of her three youngest sons,
So she could work to support them. Then when she remarried,
You finished raising these sons lovingly as if they were your own.

Your oldest son John Peter left for Alberta, Canada to live and die.
Separated by great distances from his family & your grandchildren,
You carried on, living each day, helping others until death at age 93.


kavita said...

What an amazing personality .Inspirational !

Rambling Woods said...

What an amazing woman and a long life with many hardships..I love learning about people from the past..

SandyCarlson said...

Amazing story.

My own family has a deep commitment to its history and its story. The process of going there and looking and trying to understand can be very difficult. I admire your courage.