Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Time to leave for Iceland

My next post will come from Iceland or on the way there. Leaving from the Las Vegas airport today, I fly to Seattle then on Icelandair across Northern Canada over the Hudson Bay to faraway Iceland. It's 6 hours difference in time from Utah, so I'll have some jet lag to overcome. I leave home at 7 am to take the shuttle to Las Vegas then fly to Seattle 1.5 hrs and from there arriving in Iceland 8 hrs later the next day.

There was an article recently in the local Desert News, section Church News about Vilborg's hometown on the Westman Islands. Seems there is a museum there and I will be meeting the director and touring that area soon. Click the article for photos and info on that area.


Kay said...

Wow, Lin! I'm so excited for you. I'm not visiting blogs as much these days, following my doctors orders. However, I'll be catching up here and there.

kavita said...

Happy journey and have a fabulous trip .

Rambling Woods said...

I wouldn't have even known what to pack for such a travels..