Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Time for Changes

Every other month I change the flowers on my door wreath
to reflect the different seasons. Since it's still summer now,
it's time for sunflowers which grow along side the road here.
Just lovely wildflowers to remind me that fall is coming soon.

I thought I'd go back through my photos and make a collage
of sunflowers through the years to try to capture the beauty
of this particular season when we know there will be an end
to the intense summer heat, because sunflowers are blooming.


  1. Oh ,that's lovely ! I also love the pink door.

  2. Yes, those sunflowers on the pink door are wonderful. I planted sunflowers in my vegetable garden a few years ago and quickly learned my lesson: the deer LOVE them.

  3. That's so beautiful and wonderful. My daughter used to do that. I was... ahem... too lazy.

  4. Your wreath is as beautiful as you are thoughtful--completely.

  5. I love the pink door and what a nice idea..beautiful