Thursday, August 18, 2011

On my way

Leaving Las Vegas bright and early heading to Seattle.

Passing Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Shasta?

Still traveling, seems like my direct plane to Iceland was canceled
so I had to instead take a flight from Seattle to New York City.
Called the red eye for good reason, it left Seattke at 9:45 pm and
arrived in NYC at 5:23 am then the flight to Iceland was later
that afternoon. Talk about running around the country trying
to go east and north. I went west then north then east and south.
But I'll eventually get there I hope and!
Safely in Iceland's capitol city Retykavik-it's Thurs. 7:18 pm in Utah
BUT Friday 1:30 am their time-it's a long story that I'll tell later.
Now it's time for's cool here probably in the 40 degrees.


Jean said...

Frustrating, isn't it, to fly in the opposite direction of your destination? Have a great time in Iceland.

Kay said...

Wow! You're able to post? This is amazing! Don't forget to rest. I discovered that I missed a lot of my rest when I tried to post while I traveled.

kavita said...

Looking forward to your next post from Iceland.