Friday, August 12, 2011

Influence of our ancestors

Photo of Vilborg, her second husband Sigi Arnasson
and her grandson Arthur-a son of Oluf/Olive

There is a process that takes place as we search for our roots,
our hearts are turned to our fathers in understanding and
appreciation for the influence their lives have had on ours.
As I journey to Iceland, I hope to learn more about Vilborg.

What was her life and times like, how did it differ from mine?
We are really a composite of the input of all our ancestors.
Their example and teachings passed down almost unknowingly
have influenced our life today. I love coming to appreciate that.

Vilborg's faith, strength to carry on as a widow raising her children
inspires me with a legacy of strong women in my ancestral family.
She didn't look back to the old country but took the challenges
as they came in her adopted homeland of Utah and America.

One day I will meet her and be able to ask her questions about
her life and conversion to Mormonism. What trials and challenges
were hers? What would she do differently if she could?
What was her life like as a child? I have many questions to ask.


  1. I am so inspired .The kind of feelings that you have in your heart for her makes me immensely respect both of you .

  2. I like what you say about tracing our roots deep into the story of our world. Best wishes to you on your quest.