Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Frank (left back) and his son Hakan (the blond) enjoy soccer together.

Daniel and his son Nathan hiking the Timpanokee trail

I spotlight my sons today who have chosen to become fathers. They are all loving dads who spent time with their children developing that most important of all relationships. Having missed the day to day interaction growing up with their own fathers because of divorce, I salute them for taking responsibility for this important role. Being an example to the next generation in our family and taking time to interact and be an influence for good in their children's lives is so important.

Jeff and his daughter Lorien enjoy an early Easter egg hunt together
(All photos taken by family members.)

I also respect my son Brook's decision NOT to have a family.
He (left back), instead, seems to relish his role as "playful" uncle.

A smiling Brook


  1. What a wonderful family ! Recent studies have shown that kids who spend more time with their dads have higher IQ .

  2. Conclusive evidence has been found to prove that the vast majority of vaguely referenced statistics lack context.

  3. You have a nice looking group of sons! And you sound very proud of them!

  4. My Dad raised us mostly..not that he was the best parent ever...but better than Mom was a Mother...