Saturday, August 6, 2011

Family Resemblances

It's interesting how when your babies are born, you look at them carefully to see if they resemble your side or your husband's side or both. Then as your children grow, their looks can change. With my first three sons-two of them resemble my dad or my side of the family. In photo below my dad is on the left and my son Brook is on the right.

Here's my oldest son Frank and myself below-do we look alike? Of course you inherit parts of each parent-one's hair or eyes, another's nose or facial shape, etc. So we really are composites.

Another of my sons Daniel (below on the right) looks exactly like his dad (on the left) did back in his college days.

My son Jeff from my second marriage looks a lot like his dad below on the right. I'll put some photos here and you can concur or disagree. Maybe he also looks like me on the left or his grandmother in front? Or perhaps a composite?

Then there are grandchildren, my grandson Hakan saw my photo as a young child below left and thought it was him below right.

We all carry within us the DNA from a long line of ancestors plus tendencies toward certain diseases, but I believe our personalities or spirits are unique. That's why children from the same parents can be so different in their life styles and behavior. Raised with the same rules and teachings, each is unique-it's truly amazing how family resemblances vary from generation to generation.


Rambling Woods said...

I don't look like either of my Mother used to get asked if I was adopted..

kavita said...

You are so right about each one of us being unique.My kids resemble a lot to their dad but are different in their nature.

Kay said...

I can see the resemblance with your kids. Interestingly, our children don't look like either of us. Both sides of the family claim our kids look like their side. Can't tell...