Monday, June 20, 2011


The other morning my husband called me outside early to see the full moon just setting. It was spectacular and I had noticed its brightness shinning through our blinds during the night. What's amazing to me is the fact that the moon could always look like it does when it has the full reflection of the sun upon it, but because of our shadow getting in between we have the different phases of the moon. Maybe our life is like that too.

Getting closer to the moon with my camera's telescopic lens helps reveal unknown details of the moon's surface and reminds me that man has landed there which makes it seem so much closer. I wonder if there are not aspects of our own personality or talents that we don't appreciate because we aren't aware of them. What do you think?

Evening walk on the golf course in the cool twilight.


  1. Lovely Moon .You are right some things in our own personality just escapes our eyes .
    Have a nice week :)

  2. Lovely moon but I love the landscaping of catus plants even more...they are beautiful.

  3. The closer we get, the more complicated things get and we get. We must be careful not to judge from a distance. Many lessons here.

  4. WOW...that moon photo is amazing Lin