Thursday, June 16, 2011


Okay this summer is getting off to a slow start
but then I am almost seventy-one years old...
I definitely want to use this laid back time
for self improvement HEALTH-wise and otherwise.

Starting with VISION problems I visited a new doctor
to have my eyes checked. A year ago, I discovered that
I have CATARACTS forming in both eyes and would need
SURGERY sometime soon. Well, I waited and a year later
I'm ready to do something. The new doctor suggested
that I wait for another year or so before surgery and
just get NEW GLASSES-so that sounds good to me.

It's past time to EXERCISE more to lose ten extra
pounds gained during this past busy year which means
focusing on what I'm eating and being responsible for
planning better meals and eating healthier foods.

So I've signed up for some COOKING classes and will
become more committed to DAILY exercise now that's
it's hot-almost 100 dgrees today I can rejoin my WATER
aerobics classes and WALK in the early morning hours.

Then I need to focus on MIND, SPIRIT and SOCIAL issues.
It's like being a JUGGLER-guess I need to just tackle one
area at a time. So I'll choose PHYSICAL HEALTH then
when that is under control, I'll work on other areas.


  1. good goals to achieve...hope your eyes feel better after surgery.

  2. Your mind is forever young. I am going to get on board with the whole business of focusing on what needs to be done. Thank you for being an excellent teacher.

  3. I wish that you could bottle that energy and send me some.

  4. I love the clip art with your posts...