Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of Another Month

I'm sure we just started JUNE a few days ago
Where has it flown too? I know it's SUMMER now
as our temperatures are in the 100s and HOT.
How fun to go DAILY to water aerobics class
and work on different projects-another NEW book!

Almost completed "FIND YOUR VOICE: Write
Your Life Story" will soon be ready for publishing.
My COLUMNS are written for the summer months.
Our GARAGE is insulated and has a new air conditioner,
soon my hubby will be starting to build his BOAT.

NO eye SURGERY needed this summer for cataracts.
Much to be THANKFUL for, good health, loving friends,
family to visit, REUNIONS to attend, a trip to Iceland
in August, OPPORTUNITIES abound to TEACH classes
plus spend time with my husband. Life is GOOD!


  1. It sounds like your life is good!! I love the cover of your book:) Stay well and enjoy these warmer days,

  2. deserve this happy feeling! I have always wanted to go to Iceland! Lucky you! Can't wait to hear your report!

  3. Yes, life is good. I can't believe it's already July too!

  4. Oh my gosh you are productive.. My uncle built a boat as your husband is going to do and he had such joy doing it...