Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Schedules and Opportunities

How does one decide how to use their free time?
Guess that not a problem for most people except
those that are retired and freed of many responsibilities.
As summer comes I have more opportunities available.

Not much success thus far in marketing my book
and I don't really want to focus much time on that.
It's fun to write or create, but then to sell it is difficult.
Despite lots of publicity, my customers are few.

So I'll keep trying but focus on other areas of my life.
Would like to do more with my husband but his interests
and hobbies are very narrow: archery and computers.
I like to write, blog, do water aerobics and read books.

Traveling is an interest of mine and boating is one of his.
Now if we could just find a boat we could travel together.
In the meantime, we are both exploring possibilities
as they come and spending a slow relaxing summer.


  1. I am going to order the book..I love your books....

  2. Now that I am on a writing hiatus I am struggling to find ways to fill my time--working out and reading and cooking some new recipes.

  3. Lin, I think so much is free on the Internet these days that it is hard to sell anything. Google has spoiled us.