Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Visiting family graves and decorating
each headstone with a potted flower gives me
time to reflect back on memories shared
when our lives intermingled and to look
forward to future times when we'll met again.
Too many soldiers lost their lives in battles
to maintain our freedom and way of life.
I hope they realize our gratitude for their sacrifices
for service and dedication given so willingly.

Last but not least my own deceased parents
whose lives made it possible for me to be born here.


  1. Just read about Memorial Day in another post.Salutes to those who lost their lives for the cause.

  2. Nice post, Lin. I too hope the soldiers look down on us from heaven and realize our gratitude for their sacrifices.

    Have a good Memorial Day, Lin.

  3. Lovely tribute..your parents' stone is beautiful...

  4. It's an important holiday for helping us keep our hearts open to what our loved ones, and others' loved ones, are willing to do for us.

  5. Its so nice to remember that we are free because of these veterans. I always honor their presence and the gift of freedom.

  6. That is as powerful as it is important. Thank you.