Sunday, May 15, 2011

Locked Out

I went to a book marketing workshop last week on a Saturday in Salt Lake City. Someone in class wanted to buy my new book, so I slipped out of the building during a break from our workshop, grabbed the book and returned to the building BUT...the door was locked. Well, here I am outside a three story building which is empty, except for our workshop on the third floor with 1.5 hrs left of this expensive class and I'm locked out. So what do I do...write a poem and wait, eventually someone left class early and I got back in for the last .5 hrs of my workshop. Life!

Door locked, I'm out
They are in
But no one misses me
or checks to see what
may have happened to me.

Kidnapped or mugged?
It's a mystery,
I'm just gone!
Missing out on the last hour
of an expensive workshop.

How dumb-all to sell
a copy of my book for $10.


  1. oh Lin...what an experience...but I am glad you got to sell one book.

  2. You must have run the gambit of emotions on that one, from the first wave of realization to the kicking your self to the resignation to your plight.

  3. Oh ouch! I'm glad it wasn't a total loss and you got to see a bit of the class.

  4. Talk about making the most of an opportunity! Nice poem.

  5. Oh no....glad you were able to get back in but sorry you missed some of the class...but you did make the most of the situation..