Friday, May 27, 2011

Letting it all out!

I was talking with a close friend today about the need
every once in a while to just let it all out and SCREAM!
Of course you have to make sure you are all alone or
the cops could be called or people could think you're crazy.

Pressures in life seem to build at times in our lives
and we all need to let off steam or else explode or
worse implode and break down or loose control.
After a particularly trying day, I just let out a SCREAM!

It was okay, I was in the freeway driving all alone;
so no one could hear me or worry that I was hurt, etc.
It was so freeing to just release all that negative energy
pent up for so long or another idea is to try hitting pillows.

Stacked them on your bed when no one is around and just
let it go-all anger, frustration and exasperation into
the poor defenseless pillows. It's much more healthy
than taking it out on yourself or others. Believe me!


Brenda @ It's A Beautiful Life said...

Which one works best for you?

I've done the screaming (and it was during a very loud music session at our church once). I had such a longing for freedom to love God with all of me that it roared out of me like a lion. As I say the music was really loud, so I don't think anyone heard me, otherwise they would have wondered about my sanity.

Interesting thing though, that scream set me free from 'insanity' and a freedom came that day that set my heart singing with joy and love for Him.

I don't think I've ever punched a pillow, but maybe I'll keep that in mind should the need arise.

gremhog said...

I first learned about scream therapy from frank w...1972. And have employed it often. Particularly during a very trying time. I would lie on my bed (which was actually the only place was I was at during that time), place my head in the pillow to muffle to sounds and scream til I was hoarse. then I would sleep.

Rambling Woods said...

I do have the occasional meltdown and it isn't pretty..but I do feel better...