Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Leap into SUMMER?

Our fickle weather goes from 90 degrees to rain,
then cooler temperatures and back again.
Summer is ready to leap in, I can tell because
sometimes we our air conditioner comes on at nights.

A sure sign that coolness as we know it will soon
be a distant memory and 90 degrees will sound cool.
Thank goodness for AC available 24/7 in our lives.
I remember once when it was 116 degrees in Los Angeles.

We had no cooling system to save us only the beach
nearby with its cooling breezes brought relief.
Unfortunately there is no ocean or water nearby
where I live, only rivers that are flooding from storms.

Weather is our friend or foe depending on its whims.
I feel for those who live in the midwest where tornados
can arrive at anytime. All we fear here are earthquakes,
floods and fires. Nature is to be respected and appreciated.


kavita said...

In Hinduism we have 'weather gods' too.I think it is to signify the importance of nature and environment in our life.

ramblingwoods said...

Mother Nature really is in control in so many ways..

Linda Reeder said...

I heard today that La Nina may be responsible for the extreme weather we are having this year. What ever it is, it's not fun. It's raining again here. :(
But how can I complain? A tornado has not taken my house, of my loved ones.

SandyCarlson said...

Weather. It keeps us humble!

Anonymous said...

How funny--you live in Utah and are running your AC, I live in California and the heater came on again this morning. Sad thing is, the cost for natural gas to run the heater has gone higher because it is the summer billing season when no one (supposedly) needs a heater! At least my electricity side of the bill is staying lower.

Kay said...

It's such a shock every night to see the devastation all around the Midwest with the tornadoes. My heart goes out to them.