Thursday, May 26, 2011

Cleaning off the desk

It's that time again, too many piles on my desk and in my mind
needing sorting, throwing away or filing somewhere for a later look.
Time for change, new ideas, new routines as I return to summertime.
My long neglected water aerobics exercise as well as eating wiser
await my attention, then my ever patient hubby-I need to spend
time with to get reacquainted after my flurry of Spring activities.

Are there new projects to develop or new interests to entertain?
I've bought books on poetry to devour, but first some surgery
to fix cataracts in both eyes-that will slow me down some.


  1. Oh I know about those desk PILES..... I've never discovered a permanent cure for them, have you?

    Just glad to know I'm not the only one with this malady.....

    Enjoy your clean desk!

  2. My husband has had one eye done, now he needs the other done..not too bad to deal with as surgery goes..

  3. Hmmmm.... you just made me look around me and realize that I need to clean up the debris around my working space too.

  4. I have been dealing with boxes of stuff I brought home from clearing out my mother's house. boxes of memories, I guess I should say.
    I don't like clutter, so dealing with it has been a priority. I have everything resorted, washed if it needs it, filed if that's it's place. Now I can spend time reading through the letters and journals.
    Good luck on your surgery.

  5. its funny how those desks tend to catch every paper imaginable.

  6. that surgery will slow you down for maybe 2 days, not even. it's a cinch. Desk? What desk? Where's the desk?