Friday, April 8, 2011

Article #145 Historical Events

It’s possible to be so wrapped up in the events of our time that we forget that history repeats itself. When we were young, society was concerned about the same issues that are in the news today: wars in faraway countries, dishonesty in politics, financial challenges, unemployment, natural disasters, etc. I’m sure parents of those days lamented the wildness of the younger generation and worried over their future in the decaying society with all the challenging world events that were taking place then. (Photo of my uncle Weston who recently died, and his father-my grandpa Harold Vernon.)

Explaining to our descendents that we survived WWII plus other wars, the Great Depression, stock market crash, assassination of President Kennedy, resignation of President Nixon, and that life did go on. There were skills to be learned, college to attend, meals to prepare, laundry to be done, car repairs, bills to be paid, etc. There’s a basic pattern to our existence that is repeated generation after generation despite tragic world events: birth, childhood, school, courting, marriage, career, children, empty nest then grand parenting for most individuals. Except for a few unmarried individuals or childless couples among us, life continues on in a dependable pattern. Each person trying to find his or her way in the world through the various stages of their life until they leave this earth.

There will be in each decade and century unique historical events that touch our lives in different and sometimes dramatic ways. Catastrophic events such as tornados, floods, earthquakes and illnesses come, but a feeling of purpose and direction in our life can help us go forward with living each day. We are not victims of circumstances through they influence us.

When challenges come, families can give each other added strength and pull together their resources physically and emotionally to succor one another. That’s what makes this world go round in my opinion-families. Not that every family is perfect, far from it, but basically they care about one another and keep in touch. They are a backup system more powerful in their love and commitment than any social security or welfare program. What are your feelings about your family? Share any special historical events that you’ve experienced in your lifetime. Are there any words of wisdom or advice you can give your posterity on how to weather the difficult times? I had a grandmother who always said “This too shall past.” And it did.


  1. That such things can pass at all seems amazing to me. That we survive and grow is also amazing.

  2. the nice thing is that we can all overcome our trials with Jesus in our lives. This is a very good strengthening post.

  3. I am sharing on my blog as you know.. thank you for the inspiration..