Saturday, April 30, 2011


If you haven't checked out, it's worth a try. Their latest addition is school yearbooks. Now I've always thought of myself as a shy wallflower during those years-tall and skinny, wearing glasses, intelligent but not in the social whirl resulting in no dates and low self esteem. I was surprised to see from my sophomore yearbook that I was a member of Scholarship Society, GAA-Girl's Athletic Association playing volleyball, basketball and field hockey, Radio Broadcasting-played music records during lunch time, Roller Skating and Bowling Club. Interesting how we view ourselves. Then try going to a 50th reunion and meeting all the hot shots from your HS-the student leaders and cheerleaders, etc. It's a shock to your self worth.


  1. I can relate. When I went to my 40th reunion, I still didn't feel like I belonged! So, that was my last one, and that's fine with me.

  2. That last stanza is a killer, Lin. Looking back at high school 26 years after the fact does my head in....

  3. ahhh, yes, I got to and it's fun! I actually haven't been on in awhile so I didn't know you could check out yearbooks there. How fun!
    I haven't been to a class reunion in quite awhile but I think I will go to my next one 30 years...
    :) Have a fantastic day!