Monday, March 21, 2011


Spring has sprung, it's here in Dixie.
Time to plant flowers and gardens,
think ahead of summer vacations
and fun family times together.

Say goodbye to a long cold winter:
lower heating bills, less blankets
needed and sweaters in the house,
time for cleaning and yard projects.

Can summer be far away? No it's not.
Time has moved quickly as the cycle
begins over, the leaves are returning
as the trees dress in bright greens.


  1. Your photos are so pretty...I can't wait until I can clean up my balcony, set up my summer chairs and plant some flowers. Its still cold out here. Spring and Fall are my favorite times of the year.

  2. It is official, though I fear summer is still far away for us. But Hail to Spring! Beautiful Spring!

  3. Yippie!!! April is right around the corner and she will bring with her spring in full bloom! Well... in St. George, anyway. We're supposed to have rain, right? April showers - May flowers and all of that. I'm so happy that Wayne and I will get TWO springs this year! How delicious is that??!! BIG happy sigh!

  4. It was 65 degrees here last Friday; it snowed on Saturday; Sunday was sunny but chilly; today it's snowing again.

    However, I did see a robin in the crabapple tree this morning, so I'm convinced spring WILL get here.

  5. Talk about beautiful! I love that color.

  6. beautiful...can't wait till all the snow is gone here...