Saturday, March 26, 2011

Article #143 Talents and Hobbies

What talents do you have? Maybe we should define that word first of all. A talent is an ability to do something well. Some individuals seem to have an inborn gift from their youth for musical expression whether singing or playing a particular instrument. Others have a mechanical aptitude, love to tear apart appliances and see how they work. One child may from an early age show an interest in athletics or a particular hobby like drawing or painting. There are as many talents as there are hobbies to express them.

My mom always wanted to play the piano as a small child and hoped I’d be interested in that activity. She even bought a piano for our family. I tried lessons, but disliked practicing for recitals. When I took my first dance lesson, I loved it. Taking ballet lessons opened up a whole new world for me. I eventually became a professional ballet dancer and continued my studies in college until I graduated with a Masters degree in dance. A hobby can take you in a new career direction or just be a pleasant pastime that relieves stress from your life.

What hobbies have you enjoyed throughout your life? Have you tried some activities that you thought you would enjoy only to find out they weren’t for you? I’ve tried piano and guitar lessons, pottery and jewelry making, scrapbooking and photography to name just a few. Looking for a retirement hobby to fill my days I continue to pursue genealogy, a hobby started in college. Writing family histories, I have now published several books and expanded my interests into poetry with a group that I teach plus writing these weekly columns.

Women seem to have lots of interests while men usually have fewer. Is there a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try, like traveling or boating or rock hounding? The world is a fascinating place with more opportunities than time for most of us. Keeping your mind and body active are important as you age. Health considerations become a factor with some hobbies. Although I still enjoy dancing, my body isn’t as flexible as it once was. I love my water aerobics classes and find the exercise there helps me maintain my health.

Have you thought about involving your grandchildren in one of your hobbies or developing something they could participate in with you?


  1. I'm always amazed at the vibrance of your personality and mind, Lin. You're a role model for all of us to go out and do something.

  2. My Mother made us take piano lessons and ballet and because we were forced, my sister and I didn't enjoy it and didn't keep it up....