Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Artist's Date

Our Artist's Way classes are almost over. It's been a fun almost 4 months of taking a weekly class on CREATIVITY. Discussing and trying to apply the principles learned in this amazing program developed by Julia Cameron with my friend Caryn at her kitchen table photo above is great fun. Just listing the principles we've studied from her book the last 3 months can help you understand what all is involved in this course. Interesting principles to discuss and try to apply in our lives:

1. Sense of Safety-protecting ourselves from censors internal and external
2. Sense of Identity-through writing morning pages, discover your own identity-who are you?
3. Sense of Power-look for synchronicity, allow don't force yourself to grow

4. Sense of Integrity-become receptive to the still small voice, be true to who you really are
5. Sense of Possibility-discover your buried dreams and your interests, overcome limitations
6. Sense of Abundance-recognize your blessings, accept the gifts of God in your daily life

7. Sense of Connection-create a life vision, make a collage of your dreams-desires-goals
8. Sense of Strength-discover how to change your weaknesses into strengths, learn from them
9. Sense of Compassion-use love to conquer your fears, especially regret, grief or jealousy

10. Sense of Protection-watch out for workaholism and busyness that can drain creativity
11. Sense of Autonomy-continue the creative journey, it's a process not a destination
12. Sense of Faith-build trust with your Creator and seek His direction in your journey

Enjoying our lovely spring weather in the red rock country of Utah.


  1. y'all got all that from that one picture? amazing. But I could see each one as I thought about it. This would make for an interesting class...RS meeting....discussion starter. Thanx.

    What else did you do? Could you email a list of these classes' topics?

  2. It sounds like there was a ton to learn! I enjoyed your photos again--the area is beautiful!

  3. She is a wonder. I love that creativity is a gift to be celebrated rather than hidden and apologized for. Critics, be gone that we might breathe!

  4. Looks like you and Caron are having so much glad that you two are having this time together...