Thursday, March 31, 2011

End of Another Month

March is over, marched right by,
full of busy days and new projects.
Seeds were planted and now it's time
to watch them grow and bloom.
(Actual lilacs blooming in St. George!)

Coming up in April, a quick vacation
after a performance of my poetry group.
Returning in time to conduct a workshop
on Writing in the Age of Technology.

On to the Youth Poetry Contest then
it's off to American Fork for another
workshop and reception for new poets
selected in the state of Utah for recognition.

why don't you write a poem and post it
or blog about it? It's only fair and a challenge.
You may be a poet and don't know it.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New POEMS are coming

What is poetry, anyway?
It can be different each day.
Sometimes it rhymes;
sometimes it doesn’t.

Full of silliness or sad,
it can flowery or mad.
Free verse or special forms,
but always it’s expressive
A condensed way of speaking,
kind of like cell phone texting.
Less words makes it more interesting,
although some poetry is overdone

Full of fancy words to entertain.
Sonnets and limericks are such forms.
Shakespeare had a way with words,
but then so did Dr. Seuss

You can write poetry too.
Only if you dare to look inside.
Can you write or type on a computer?
Why not try it today to find magic in your life.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dress Rehearsal

My Poetry in Action group is having its first performance
this coming Saturday on Tuacahn's preshow stage.
Today we had our final rehearsal, we're doing a free show

We even got an article and photo in the local paper,
so maybe we'll have a few in our audience besides
our hubbies, friends and neighbors to listen to poems

Caryn's our wardrobe mistress, and she has quite a collection of stuff.
Unfortunately, most of us are too shy to risk dressing up like she does.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Poetry in the Park

This is the 2nd annual poetry workshop in Zions Park I've attended.

Unfortunately, it rained so we didn't get to take our nature walk.

LaVerna is Pres. of Utah State Poetry Society and organized this event.

Well attended, there were almost 30 poets there from mostly Utah.

Our instructor was Diane Clancy, a retired English teacher and poet.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unexpected Visitor

I looked out on our back lawn and
all I could see was a circle of feathers
newly plucked from an unwilling victim
of a hawk or kestrel who was hungry.

I didn't see the sudden attack and death
of a small bird sitting on our lawn peacefully,
but the evidence was there as the larger bird
picked at the small carcass now de-feathered.

Eating with gusto and warily looking for
anyone wanting to disturb his dinner,
filled he finally flew away to a nearby wall
with the remains of his fresh meat capture.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Article #143 Talents and Hobbies

What talents do you have? Maybe we should define that word first of all. A talent is an ability to do something well. Some individuals seem to have an inborn gift from their youth for musical expression whether singing or playing a particular instrument. Others have a mechanical aptitude, love to tear apart appliances and see how they work. One child may from an early age show an interest in athletics or a particular hobby like drawing or painting. There are as many talents as there are hobbies to express them.

My mom always wanted to play the piano as a small child and hoped I’d be interested in that activity. She even bought a piano for our family. I tried lessons, but disliked practicing for recitals. When I took my first dance lesson, I loved it. Taking ballet lessons opened up a whole new world for me. I eventually became a professional ballet dancer and continued my studies in college until I graduated with a Masters degree in dance. A hobby can take you in a new career direction or just be a pleasant pastime that relieves stress from your life.

What hobbies have you enjoyed throughout your life? Have you tried some activities that you thought you would enjoy only to find out they weren’t for you? I’ve tried piano and guitar lessons, pottery and jewelry making, scrapbooking and photography to name just a few. Looking for a retirement hobby to fill my days I continue to pursue genealogy, a hobby started in college. Writing family histories, I have now published several books and expanded my interests into poetry with a group that I teach plus writing these weekly columns.

Women seem to have lots of interests while men usually have fewer. Is there a hobby that you’ve always wanted to try, like traveling or boating or rock hounding? The world is a fascinating place with more opportunities than time for most of us. Keeping your mind and body active are important as you age. Health considerations become a factor with some hobbies. Although I still enjoy dancing, my body isn’t as flexible as it once was. I love my water aerobics classes and find the exercise there helps me maintain my health.

Have you thought about involving your grandchildren in one of your hobbies or developing something they could participate in with you?

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Artist's Date

Our Artist's Way classes are almost over. It's been a fun almost 4 months of taking a weekly class on CREATIVITY. Discussing and trying to apply the principles learned in this amazing program developed by Julia Cameron with my friend Caryn at her kitchen table photo above is great fun. Just listing the principles we've studied from her book the last 3 months can help you understand what all is involved in this course. Interesting principles to discuss and try to apply in our lives:

1. Sense of Safety-protecting ourselves from censors internal and external
2. Sense of Identity-through writing morning pages, discover your own identity-who are you?
3. Sense of Power-look for synchronicity, allow don't force yourself to grow

4. Sense of Integrity-become receptive to the still small voice, be true to who you really are
5. Sense of Possibility-discover your buried dreams and your interests, overcome limitations
6. Sense of Abundance-recognize your blessings, accept the gifts of God in your daily life

7. Sense of Connection-create a life vision, make a collage of your dreams-desires-goals
8. Sense of Strength-discover how to change your weaknesses into strengths, learn from them
9. Sense of Compassion-use love to conquer your fears, especially regret, grief or jealousy

10. Sense of Protection-watch out for workaholism and busyness that can drain creativity
11. Sense of Autonomy-continue the creative journey, it's a process not a destination
12. Sense of Faith-build trust with your Creator and seek His direction in your journey

Enjoying our lovely spring weather in the red rock country of Utah.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Lessons Learned

WHY is it that so many lessons
can only be learned the HARD WAY?
Stumbling and FALLING, I pick myself up
and RESOLVE not to make that mistake again.

But it isn't long until I FIND myself down,
looking up and WONDERING what happened?
How could I have made the SAME mistake
twice or more? STILL LEARNING is the answer.

Life is a CONTINUOUS school
and sometimes the lessons aren't EASY.
They are REPEATED until we thoroughly
understand what NOT to do next time.

PS To avoid criticism , do nothing, say nothing, be nothing.
Elbert Green Hubbard

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tanka Poem

One of my poems, a tanka form with 5 lines with syllables of 5, 7, 5, 7, and 5 was chosen by an artist as inspiration for her watercolor painting. Here's the result as it was displayed recently at the Mesquite Fine Arts Gallery's SPRING SALON along with my poem.

life’s cycles
by lin floyd

spring blossoms descend
surrounding us with promise
swirling through the air
sweet scents revealing within

summer heat bring growth
bags of seeds untouched wait for
the gardener’s hands
sowing them gently with care
waiting patiently

autumn leaves all dressed
in their farewell colors wave
goodbye reluctantly
while winter waits once more
to blanket the earth

the seasons never
end but rush ever forward
begin again fresh
a cycle that’s repeated
over and over

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I'm in the middle of a communication problem.
What I thought I said was taken in a different way
and feelings were hurt and a relationship broken.
Now, what to do? I apologized, but it wasn't accepted.

So life continues, I will try to be more careful with words,
check for understanding as I teach and interact with others.
Friendships can grow and blossom or stagnant and die.
Sometimes it's not a choice we can consciously make.

Thanks goodness for a loving friend Caryn who understands
and gives support plus a listening ear when needed.
My heart grieves but there is little I can do to mend
the hurt perceived, not given knowingly. SORRY!
(p.s. We were finally able to talk face to face
and resolved our miscommunication...)

Monday, March 21, 2011


Spring has sprung, it's here in Dixie.
Time to plant flowers and gardens,
think ahead of summer vacations
and fun family times together.

Say goodbye to a long cold winter:
lower heating bills, less blankets
needed and sweaters in the house,
time for cleaning and yard projects.

Can summer be far away? No it's not.
Time has moved quickly as the cycle
begins over, the leaves are returning
as the trees dress in bright greens.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Decor

Spent a lovely afternoon with my friend Caryn and our spouses eating lunch and talking at their home. Couldn't help noticing her fun spring decorations of bunnies, eggs and bird nests all over. She has quite a collection. It's full spring here now with blossoms everywhere on trees and daffodils in full bloom. I love SPRINGTIME.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Article #142 Family Structure

The family you were raised in certainly has a strong influence on your upbringing and personality. My widowed mother brought me up in a single parent family. As an only child I never experienced sibling rivalries that are so common in normal families. There was no competition or interaction with sisters or brothers, no sharing problems, but also no bonding with a father. Cousins became my closest family members of the same age. My grandparents played a huge role in my life as early babysitters and role models. In my teen years, I did go through the adjustment of gaining a stepfather when my mother remarried when I was 17 years old. Learning to share mom wasn’t easy for me as I look back at those tumultuous days. (Photo-my mom in the center with 3 or her 4 siblings.)

The financial situation of your family, marital status, and location influence the person you become. The type of work your parent/s were engaged in as well as what happened in society during your life are factors in who you become. If you were adopted or joined a stepfamily affects your development. Describe your early feelings as a child about “your family.”

I thoroughly believe that you are influenced by your environment, but each person is unique because of their innate personality. How that happens is up to individual interpretation. I know each of my sons despite having the same parents was born with different personalities. What do you remember your parents saying about you as a baby? Were you demanding, placid or fussy? One of my sons was a peacemaker from his early days with his brothers despite their little jealousies and conflicts as kids growing up.

Your placement in the family also influences you. Were you the oldest child in your family or the middle or the baby? How did that influence your expectations? Were there only boys or girls or a mixture of both in your home? What are your earliest memories of growing up and challenges that you faced?

How did your childhood experiences influence your own family, if you married and had children that you raised? I was completely unprepared for raising sons after being raised as an only child. I remember experiencing shock the first time my babies got old enough to be jealous and fight! Are there any words of inspiration or counsel you’d give to your kids on raising their kids-your grandchildren? Be careful there!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vision Boards

In our Artist's Way class we made vision boards that represent our likes and dreams, goals and visions for our future. Powerful stuff if you get in contact with you really are and what you want to become.

Sharon loves the outdoors and sports plus traveling.

Bonnie is a talented artist with a wide range of interests.

Mary, our instructor, is into family history and preparedness.

Caryn likes to live outside the box and communes in nature.
(Photos by Mary, except my photo of her.)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


It's St. Patrick's day again
that wonderful time of year
when things start to get GREEN,
blossoms are bursting forth.

SPRING is trying to arrive
as we all have waited patiently
for the end of the long winter.
Then it's on to summer.

I will have the opportunity in AUGUST
to travel to Iceland to visit the homeland
of my maternal great grandmother and her ancestors.
What an opportunity-to find my roots.

I understand that Greenland is quite icy,
and ICELAND is quite green; but it's a secret
started by the vikings to keep others away from
a beautiful land of hot springs and glaciers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meltdowns and Cards

Right now, Japan is struggling with its nuclear power plants
threatening to MELTDOWN and explode-how frightening that is.
There also comes into our lives those times when we face
the possibility of a similar situation unless we change our lives.

Out of control times call for a lowering of our life's intensity,
a time of reflecting, reducing the heat, and regulating the load.
Impossible you say, well necessary sometimes for SURVIVAL.
Time for connecting back into the source of all knowledge.

Receiving guidance from the Master Teacher and Father
is always available when we reduce and SIMPLIFY life to the
very basics, resetting priorities, and turning inward to pray,
meditate, and reset necessities by simplifying each day.

Taking TIME to select a fun card for a special occasion can help.
Cards brought from and made by a special niece Dawn Mercedes.
I would love to have the time to made such cards, but I don't.
Right now I'm working on saying...No, I can't do that now.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Cute Lorien

babies are just a treat
so full of life and joy
just a pleasure to be around
as they live in each moment

it's been almost 4 months
since we were together
my, how Lorien has grown
says her loving grandma Lin

Monday, March 14, 2011

Family Funeral

An occasion to celebrate the life of my uncle Weston,
to honor his memory and contributions to our lives.
It was fun to prepare a talk and reread his history
I wrote in 1996 of his parents (my grandparents), and my dad.

It was 66 years ago that Wes's older brother Stan died
in a tragic airplane crash while Wes was in the So. Pacific
serving in the army during World War II times in the 1940s.
I was just a little girl then, but do remember those days.

Now Wes has rejoined his beloved wife Lucille and son Brent
who passed on to the next life before him, they are together
in a better place joined with other family members long
separated by death, now they wait for us to join them.

The flag draping his casket was removed, folded and given to his daughters.

Taps were played after a gun salute as military honors were given.

A final traditional farewell by nephew Ian on the bagpipe completed the service.

Then it was time to share a family meal served at the church by the Relief Society.

The cousins: l-r Laurie, Lin, Thann, Casey and Vicki

It's all about family!