Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Writing as Therapy

Tuning into inner voices through writing
can release feelings long unexpressed.
We learn more about ourselves and complete
our growing within through self discovery.

Sharing this wisdom and leaving a legacy
for our loved ones is worthy of our time:
chronicling our struggles and growth, reliance
on heavenly powers and faith to overcome.

Journaling is more than just lists of activities,
but can be filled with understanding for others
to help them through this journey called "life:"
leaving footprints and guides for them to follow.


  1. It is indeed very important to write it all down. You say it so well, Lin.

  2. Leaving ! i do try to maintain a journal on a regular basis .

  3. I have journals for 10 years through my first marriage and divorce..not sure my daughter should be able to read them sometime...hmm..maybe I better takes steps to prevent that...