Saturday, August 28, 2010


I always thought exercising more
would give me increased energy
so I could be like the energizer bunny,
but it's just made me into a napper.

After starting my day walking a mile
or so, then going to water aerobices
for an hour, I find myself feeling tired.
Unbelievably tired, strangely it seems.

I hope it will improve over time though
I'm not sure. I sure like my smaller
waistline, less pounds and tanner face.
What's not to like about being fit?

Given time and a few short naps daily,
hopefully I'll find my old limitless energy
and strength returning. If not, I won't stop,
I like feeling healthier and being thinner.


Brenda Leyland said...

Naps are good.

Maybe it's a little too much exercise... until you build more stamina??? (Just asking)

I love that verse from Isaiah in the Old Testament that promises that those who wait on God will renew their strength. When I run out of my own steam, I like to snuggle close to my Father and draw on His strength....

Jean said...

There's no harm in taking a short nap each day! My daily nap re-energizes me.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Keep it up!

kavita said...

I hope you are not under eating .Here i very often hear people complaining of low energy levels when they start cutting down meat and fish in their diet.

Please take care of yourself and very soon regain back your limitless energy.

Millie said...

I can understand your feelings. I felt the same way so I now walk & exercise from 6 to 7:30 pm...then I take a nice shower, relax and by 10 pm I am out for the night. Exerciing in the evening allows me to sleep at wonderfully at night. Keep up the great work Lin.

SandyCarlson said...

Enjoy the restfulness that comes with exercise! I find getting past that gets me to the point where exercising is truly energizing.

dellgirl said...

A few short naps sounds good, keep up the good work. You're a brave lady.

Janie B said...

FYI--when I click on your most recent postings, I get a message that they cannot find it. Finally, it comes up but usually after you've posted a new one. What's up with that?

Rambling Woods said...

Have you had your thyroid checked? or for anemia...common problems in woman...I suffer from anemia....

kavita said...

Lin,i get your new post updates in my side bar but on clicking i don't find the page.Like the post i just clicked was titled Addiction...but the page is not here.This is going on for quite some time.Please check the settings of your publishing time.

Have a nice week..My regards .

Kay said...

I'm finding it easier to exercise in the morning, but it does get me somewhat tired, too. My husband, on the other hand will jog 10 miles in the morning and come home ready to do some work around the house. I don't know how he does it.

Mare said...

Nap on!! I could get tired reading about all that you accomplish!!