Tuesday, August 3, 2010


A regular friend, suddenly you were gone,
replaced by your negative twin pessimism.
Nothing is the same, life has reversed.
Challenges have become unconquerable
obstacles, discouragement is the norm.

I miss my former attitude and want
to restore it. So I take pen to paper
to try to find understanding of me.
Writing will help me to make the change
back to viewing life in a more positive way.

Not just reacting to others but acting,
seeing life more clearly, choosing wiser.
Why doesn't matter, but only the battle
to overcome and conquer myself daily
will yield positive results and relief now.
(Now I'm back on track, wiser for the detour!)


  1. Lin, you seem to be in a real struggle these days. I too hope optimism will return to your spirit. Pessimism is terrible company.

  2. Linda's comment above is pretty much what I wanted to say, Lin.

  3. I hear ya! I also struggle sometimes contemplating my place in the universe...hoping that my cheerful way returns ASAP. Did something definable happen in your life, or is it a general malaise. And then there's the neverending hot weather. Hang in there, Lin!

  4. These struggles are familiar to me, too. They are great teachers, though sometimes we'd like a break from teacher. You will prevail, Lin.

  5. I guess I'm somewhere in between. I think life is a balance. Bad happens, but good will usually balance it out.

  6. I always admire your honesty and your always thought provoking posts. You have certainly "taught" me many life lessons....thanks!

  7. I think we all have these times in our life. I know I do and I try really hard to get back on track cause no one loves a pity party:) I've found that out!! (the hard way!)

  8. I think we all have that kind of struggle from time to time....hope that you will soon be on the other side of yours soon...hugs..Michelle