Thursday, August 19, 2010

Need new eyeglasses?

Spectacles for those who are nearsighted
become important as we age. Soon bifocals
are needed to read newspapers, and maps.
Then tinted lenses to filter out sunlight
or dark prescription glasses help us.

How about an optimism filter so that life
can be filtered to be positive or helpful.
Too often we filter out the good-only see
the negative, ignoring beneficial effects.

Happy glasses would be a great hit...
wear and never frown again; be content
with what you see in life as possibilities
not problems, trials or stumbling blocks.

Now that might sell or just wear contact lenses...ouch!


  1. That is a great idea!! Kind of rose colored negativity screeners!! I like it!

  2. I think thry refer to those as rose colored glasses.

  3. It is so funny that youspoke on this particular subject today. I was at the eye doctor's today, I had my exam and I needed to order new glasses. It had been 4 years since my last exam and I really needed stronger lens. It seems funny how two minds can think alike....he...he.

  4. I need new glasses too..another pair of bifocals I think...