Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm BACK once again

How many things in our life we take for granted
until they are no longer available-like electricity,
water, air conditioning, mobility, and the Internet.

We have become a bunch of whimps, I think, not
able to function without ALL our modern luxuries
that we take for granted-which are too many.

Imagine washing clothes out on a rock by a creek,
cooking over a fire or sleeping on the ground.
Sounds like camping to me, I'd much rather not.

Same with no INTERNET, it certainly entertains
and fills my day with opportunities to learn, to
publish my writing, and communicate with others.


kavita said...

Just last week my washing machine completely refused to work for me ..for three days i washed loads and loads of laundry by myself and realized how unkind i was to her (?).I have a new machine now.

We are so used to of the comforts of electricity,gadgets and internet that a day without them seems like ages.

WELCOME BACK ..thanks to your internet connection.

Millie said...

when I first got married in Puerto Rico I washed clothes by hand, I grinded my own corn flour, coffee grounds, & wheat...but what I miss the most is a simple typewriter. I wish they still sold them, they are so good for putting addresses on enveloes and so many other minor things we need to place a word on...I miss that the most... though I am looking for one and every time I stop at a thrift store I ask them if they have one for sale....I hope to find one some day.

Mare said...

I never would have made it in the easrlier days without appliances...I think. Recently when I was computerless two different times, I realized how much I used it and missed it. Interesting thought to ponder, Lin.

SandyCarlson said...

We are spoiled! I agree with you, Lin. It's funny, though: when that luxury of luxuries--the Internet--is out of reach, how peaceful life can be, too.

Rambling Woods said...

We have had several power outages lately and it does make you stop and think....

Cheryl said...

I am having a hard time remembering what it was like without the internet...I have "weaned" myself away from the computer this summer somewhat...trying to get outside in the fresh a good book..taking more walks...but the computer always calls me back!