Friday, August 20, 2010

I'm addicted

Oh no, our Internet has been out for two whole days...
after a lightning strike from our last summer rain storm
disrupted service on our street and with our computers.

Getting up the house is silent, no blogging friends waiting
online to comment or connect with, no new comments to
send across the planet after reading new posts. I'm lost.

Even my husband who surfs the Internet daily looking
for a better boat to build is lost. We look at each other
like strangers in the night. Oh no, what do we do now?

Well, fate intercedes, but tech support is of no help despite
call after call. They have fixed it, they say. But it's not working.
So we go to a church picnic in the mountains and socialize.

Talk to real people-what a fun change, connecting to
neighbors. Life does go on without the Internet even
when you are both addicted, but it tries your patience.

Luckily today a tech guy was sent to our door to try to fix it,
and he did-earning our never ending gratitude. Once again
we are plugged back into the "real" world of emails and surfing.


  1. Welcome back, Lin! I'm addicted too. I don't like to think about not having the computer operating efficiently. I take that back. My computer is not operating efficently. I'm just glad it's working, period.

  2. I love that you had real people to go see! So much better isn't it? But we are addicted to this thing!

  3. We do need to take a brea k now and then from our common addiction and see and talk to real people.

  4. Mom, I think we are all real, just communicating technologically not physically. we dropped cable no more tv for my household, lets see how we will fare this. I don't want all the junk that comes through the airwaves like junk food adds, buy buy buy more buy so you can save??? commercials.. i am thinking of not using computers over the weekends unless if we have to skype with grand parents here and overseas...we miss you xoxo

  5. don't we love the geek squads? so glad you are back ON.

  6. Its amazing how well we got so much done without the computer. I have certain times through the day in which i do sit quietly and go through my blogs & so forth...when I am interrupted by company or phone calls, I feel lost. It is addictive but our additction is a spiritual & a clean addiction...amen.

  7. Internet is the best way to keep myself connected with my relatives ,friends and blogger friends -- it was an addiction but now i have fixed a time for it.I hope i stick to it.

    I saw one new post update but on clicking the page was not found.

    Anyways ,welcome back.

  8. It certainly helps pass time for me when I am cabin bound.

  9. I do enjoy the internet as it has brought me many wonderful blogger friends but I must admit, I do spend way too much time on it!