Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Voices

I've been keeping track of the negative LITTLE VOICES in my head and what they are trying to tell me. It's amazing: that was stupid, you can't do that, this is dumb, you're getting behind, you didn't...(fill in the blank,) oh no-I'm in trouble again, now what? and you're wasting your time again.

Have you tried listening to the voices in your head/mind/body/spirit? Ever wonder where they come from? Well the UNIVERSE is full of OPPOSITION, the yin/yang effect but somehow the more strident voices are LOUDER, more DEMANDING that the encouraging ones. BUT when you can become aware of what is happening inside YOU, and deal with the negatives by either overwhelming them with positive evidence to the contrary or just laugh at their antics, YOU can open your airwaves to more positive thoughts, INSPIRATION and encouragement to direct your life in new ways.

I know this is TRUE and not just make believe because I have been journaling my experiences as part of Kirk Duncan's-Little Voice Management class that I'm taking. I'm getting quieter inside and I can actually hear more of the POSITIVE comments that can inspire and help me live more fully. It's AMAZING! Try it, you'll be glad you did.


  1. I do indeed practice this...its hard to do but I keep on...and another practice is to think before I open my mouth!

  2. Myhusband is trying to practice this as well with his game of golf as he is new to the game and wants to do well for his school but doesn't always. It is important we recognize what we are telling ourselves.

  3. Yes.. positive... positive... postive... I'll try it.

  4. I like this guy already. We can be kind to ourselves....and not fret!

  5. i need to practice that.
    I will come back sooon, here

  6. My little voice is getting too loud lately..time to tame the beast...