Friday, June 25, 2010

Conquering Little Voices

We all have little voices inside us that
try to sabotage us with their suggestions.
Negative comments that can derail us
or get our attention and consideration.

In order to conquer their destructive ideas,
we need to first be aware of what they say.
Write down exactly what you are hearing
or feeling inside then change it to two positives.

Example-you hear...You are really dumb.
My action is to write that down and then
write two opposite positives like I'm really
quite smart but do make mistakes sometimes.

Or you can react with humorous comments
like: Aren't we all a little dumb now and then?
But I don't plan on remaining that way for long
with your help. Thanks so much for the insights.

A sense of humor+self awareness does help.
Don't live life in numbness or self berating.
You deserve better. Conquer those voices,
take control of you and direct your thoughts.

Become your own best friend and cheerleader!


  1. It is those voices and thoughts that stop us in life from really doing what we dream about doing! I think once we conquer those, we will be really suprised at how far we can go!

  2. Lin, I do that too.... make light humour from those little voices. I often imagine them as cheeky impish monkeys, and just chuckle at their silliness when they say something I know better of.


  3. Oh this is a good post...little voices say things we wouldn't say to another person, yet we are so hard on ourselves....Michelle

  4. I try my hardest to ignore pesky little voices. They can drive you crazy.

  5. I would like to be able to 'not think' for a spell. I would like to look forward, yet somehow I find myself looking back at how one decision in life can affect your entire life. Your posts are like therapy sometimes. Thanks, Lin!

  6. I will try this, Lin. Thanks for this practical, doable idea.