Friday, November 20, 2009

Who me?

I'm an awesome bird, I think
Although, my mom never stayed
around long enough to tell me so.

She was off flying circles with some
crazy hawk or other creature.
I don't know who my Dad is,
maybe he looks like me.

I fell out of my empty nest.
There was no one around
to pick me up or
help me learn to fly.

So here I am walking around
like some awkward duck
or goose, though they certainly
look different than me.

Being on the ground
does have its advantages.
There are lots of crawly things
to chase after and eat.

But there are lots of dangers, too.
Humans who want to catch me,
put me in a little gilded cage,
and teach me to sing.

If I can be careful and hide
when I see them or their pets,
I can eat the tasty birdseed
they leave in their birdfeeders.

I'm an awesome bird, I think.
Although, my mom never stayed
around long enough to tell me so.


  1. yep, it's an original composed after seeing this cute clipart from

  2. Yes this is a very cute clipart...cite enough to inspire such a cute poem.Enjoyed it Lin.

  3. Actually, this struck me as really sad. I'm feeling guilty about that bird I'm going to be defrosting tonight.

  4. HAHA,Kay, you're so funny!
    Cute poem, Lin! I enjoyed it.

  5. I too feel like Kay, knowing I am about to purchase one of these birds soon! Cute though.

  6. I like that. I have been that bird and I have seen those birds in my classroom....

  7. I like the poem. It is kinda of sad, but it also has me thinking.

  8. @KAY....You are funny and cute ...heee.Lin,please write many more like these.

  9. I love this Lin.... This is very much a nature note....