Sunday, November 22, 2009

Think GREEN!

My blogging friend Michele of Rambling Woods gave her readers a challenge to talk about their appreciation of the earth and attempts to keep it green. Check out her blog sometime, she will teach you a thing or two about nature. So here goes:
(1) I definitely try to recycle more, especially our newspapers and aluminum cans.
(2) I'm trying to conserve on water by turning on the dishwasher only when it's very full.
(3) I love nature and have committed to getting out more and taking photos of the natural beauty in our area and sharing it on my blog.
(4) I'm committed to taking daily walks or bike rides and breathing in the fresh air deeply and being grateful for the different and unusual plants that grow in our desert area.
(5) I'm creating some nature/wildlife poems for my grandkids to help them think more about living things and appreciate-birds, ducks, lizards, etc.

Guess that will do for a start. Tell me what you are doing:


  1. It sounds as if you are loving and respecting the earth, Lin. Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. good points..should be noted by one and all..cheers friend.:)

  3. I use a solar water heater, recycle bottles, cans, newspaper, cardboard, etc. Every little bit helps the environment

  4. Congratulations Lin on being a green thinker...i plan to write a post on this in my room when my turn comes to write.

  5. It's a good start, Lin. Keep up the good work.

  6. Oh thank you accepting the 'Green Thinker Award' Lin... I knew that any nature lover like you would care about the planet too. I am excited to read your more of your poetry about nature and wildlife and am enjoying the photos you have been sharing....Michelle

  7. Lin I really thought the idea you have for writing more poems for your grandchildren about nature is a great idea! You get to share something you love with your grandchildren and I bet they will enjoy learning about nature even more through your writing.

    As for me, I recycle everything that can be recycled. I don't use my dishwasher anymore as its kaput but when I did I only ran in when it was full. Also shut the water off when brushing teeth, use cold water in the washer and try to use natural cleaners if I can. Every little bit each one of us does is a big step towards keeping our earth happy and healthy!

  8. That's an excellent start. I like the varied approach you take.

  9. 1-we don't shop places like wallmart which adds tons of pollutants in our environment by bringing things from china. shop things that are not packaged too much.
    2-recycle anything possible, we don't use plastic.bad for your health anyway.
    3-collect our water from our roof all year around.we don't wash our cars, only rain washes cars. no unnecessary showers, 4-5 sufficient amount for a shower.never leave water running as we brush our teeth.
    4-we try to walk to places since we live in small town.
    5-exchange kids close with friends who have older ones and give ours to younger ones.
    7-don't use harmful paints in ourhouses with VOC (volatile organic compound).
    8-use vinegar and water and baking soda to clean..
    9-no wall to wall carpeting since it bleeds many toxic fumes in households and our environment.
    10-when we have enough money we will turn our house in to full solar building and don't waste electricity, don't leave lights on when we are not in rooms, and turn off your computers and switch off everything at night, charge your phone while in a car, don't leave phone on charger at home all night.
    these are the thigs I do.. and I hope it will rub off my child and he will do more in the future ...then again he will not have any choice but to be aware, thanks to us, consuming irresponsibly we are stealing from our own children.