Thursday, November 12, 2009

Self Therapy

Writing does many things
it slows us down
puts us in touch with life
the now moment

As we look, think and
consider what is happening
why and how we can learn
from each experience
insights come our way

Reading doesn't do the same
it's too fast and easy
but writing freely
connects words with heart
allows emotions to flow

That's why I blog
to learn more about me


  1. Wonderful words Lin and how very true!

  2. Yes, I prefer to write books than read books, because it is more riveting. All of me is engaged. It's easier to edit on the computer, though. Handwriting takes too long.

  3. It's true.... I write because that's most often when I begin to discover what it is that's in my thoughts and heart.

  4. Exactly! Well and honestly said, Lin. As usual.

  5. You know..I kept a daily journal for years and years until we got a computer...maybe I should take time to go back to my written journal...

  6. I love reading and before blogger i never maintained a journal...though i always maintained a note-book of important days and dates.

    you said it when i look back at my old posts i feel a deep sense of happiness and contentment ...writing made me know myself all over again.